Tiburón 101: Intro to Me

So who am I, Mary Zakheim, the woman behind The Traveling Tiburón?

I’ve been described as:

  1. Weird (universally)
  2. Dressed as though I were “going to a funeral in the Matrix” (by a creative friend)
  3. A young Dutch boy (universally recognised)
  4. Funny (begrudgingly answered, when I’ve asked, “Do you think I’m funny?”)
  5. Creative (when others were forced to choose between “creative” or “funny”)
  6. A feminist (unabashedly)
  7. An adventuress (adventure’s mistress)
  8. Crazy (but, like, the good crazy)
  9. Scared of driving (always have been, always will be)
  10. My best friend (by my cat, Sampson; aliases: Scampi, Scammers, Scam)
  11. A hipster (by my parents, who aren’t yet sure of the word’s meaning)
  12. “Who?” (when I asked people how they would describe Mary Zakheim)

As you can see, I have a repertoire around these parts – “these parts” being Spokane, Washington (the other Washington) – that is pretty hard to maintain. I just graduated from Gonzaga University and I’m spending the summer reading, swimming, writing and, now, blogging before I embark on my travels across the pond – starting in Tel Aviv, Israel. From there, I plan on winding my way up through Turkey and Greece, hopping over to Italy for a spell, heading over to Eastern Europe and eventually ending up in Paris before I fly back home.

Travel is a huge passion of mine – from it, I’ve learned my most valued lessons. Lessons of patience, humour, finding comfort, perseverance, fashion, tolerance, reflection… I could go on. Because of this, I’ve always been inspired to travel before I settle down and find a job – mainly because when I first started throwing the idea around, every person 40+ told me to do it. They said it either with longing on their breath or with satisfaction in their voices as people told me stories of regret, opportunity and youth.

Just yesterday, a woman told me, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” I laughed and told her, “I guess that’s why I’m so scared!”

My dreams of travel have seemingly taken over my life as I’ve grown older – travel is quickly becoming the only thing that I want to do, an obvious paradox arising from my passion: travel means money and money means having a job. But still I venture onward toward my slightly scary dream, willing to drain my bank account in an effort to learn and see and do, as I hope to come back to some sort of job offer that will fund my next jail break.

This is not to say that I am simply hoping for a great job with no effort put in on my part – quite the contrary – I’ve been applying like a fiend to places near and far that all have one thing in common: travel. With all my passions and efforts put forth into this flickering dream, I have to hope that some options arise out of it.

So there you have it, that is where the “traveling” part of The Traveling Tiburón comes from – but what of the “tiburón”?

That one is simple to answer:

I love sharks.

Cheers and ciao!

We're here. We're ready. #OSL14

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On the road again. Off to Taiwan and China!

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I was here // spring break '15

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'Till next time, my sunny friend.

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Remembering my magical time in Rome as I anticipate heading there this Easter!

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