For All Your Brunchy Needs. 

 Who even knew there was such a thing as a thick crepe-like confection that was served in a heavy cast iron skillet? Well I’m glad I do now. This past week, my sister and I went to brunch at The Yards, which is a relatively new place that serves brunch all day, every day. You heard me. Brunch. All. Day. Yes, you may be dreaming.

After our delicious brunch, where my sister sampled the Eggs Benedict with a cool glass of OJ, we made our way to the theatre to catch Inside Out to see what all the fuss was about. My review: I would have wished that there was less fuss because I liked it, maybe even loved it, but all the hype made it a tad disappointing. I definitely liked the idea of the film more than the execution. But I’d still see it – just know that Finding Nemo and The Incredibles are better in my book. Which, truth be told, isn’t that fancy of a book so, who knows, you may completely disagree! In which case, see it for yourself!

It’s Sunday. Get some zzzs. Get some reads. Get some brunch. Like, now.


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