packing copy

Well, there it is. It may not be my life exactly, but it is certainly what I intend to wear from 17 August – 17 December. Indeed, this paltry selection has to get me through the sweltering deserts of Israel to the sun drenched beaches of Mykonos, through the transition from summer to autumn and from autumn to winter, all the while stuffed into a Ryan Air complacent box whose dimensions are similar to my mid-sized pink backpack (55 x 40 x 20cm). So it’s small. But I’m excited nonetheless. Packing is always a sort of challenge. It’s creativity at its finest: making sure every shirt can be worn with every pair of pants, skirt or trouser; calculating the possible number of outfits created; finding room to stuff your underwear. This layout includes:


2 pairs of jeans

1 pair of pants

2 skirts


7 shirts

4 dresses

1 raincoat

1 sweater


2 pairs of workout pants

1 workout tank

2 pairs of shoes  (ankle booties and sandals)

1 chunky scarf

Which means – a different shirt with a different bottom + the dresses + layering options = over 40 outfit options created from this list! In theory, I could go for four months and only repeat an outfit three or four times. I’ll take those odds any day!
  And can you believe it? There was room to spare, so I stashed my backpack inside of it – alongside the sweater and raincoat that I thought I’d have to wear – score!  My plane outfit is posing proudly with my four month closet carryon. Say cheese!

And there you have it – a quick guide to packing light with plenty of outfits to choose from!


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