Roman Holiday


 Sorry for the title, but I think we all knew that it had to be done. Rome is, of course, bella, bella, bella! I am constantly in awe, every street corner holds a new magestic sight, an imposing monument, a crooked cobblestoned path. It amazes me that some people drive by this kind of history on their way to work –Hold on, I’m stuck in traffic by the COLOSSEUM. 

Unbelievable. Although this electric city sometimes got the best of me (or perhaps it was the outrageous heat), I leave Rome with a whimsically romantic feeling. It was indeed a Roman holiday. Minus the whole glamorous Audrey Hepburn thing. 

A bigger and better post about Rome and its wonders to go up tomorrow when I can get my laptop set up on some steady wifi. Till then – ciao from Florence!


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