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Red, white and bacon. #happyfourth

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You might have wandered onto this page and are currently thinking:


-Bacon is good.

-Why is she holding the bacon and not eating it?

-I want the bacon.

-Who is this person who is making me salivate like one of Pavlov’s dogs?

-I can’t tell if I like her or not.

-I don’t think I like her.

-But she has bacon.

-Maybe I should see what she’s about.

If you’ve made it this far: congrats! This means that you have gotten over the fact that I celebrated my last Fourth of July with a handful of bacon and that you still have the graciousness to trust such a lass. Kudos to you, kind reader.

I created this blog in the middle of my last summer vacation. I graduated from university in May 2015 and was still figuring out how to combine my loves of:

  1. travel
  2. creative writing
  3. style
  4. sharks

into one fulfilling, amazing, mind-blowingly awesome job.


After trekking through Israel, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the UK, Ireland and, finally, the Netherlands last autumn, I landed back in Spokane for the holidays with a new fire lit beneath me. I had been writing on this blog almost daily throughout my travels and the response that I received was so bolstering that I had an audacious thought:

Could I be a travel writer?

So with my new self proclaimed title and one friend in the area, I packed my bags and moved to New York City. And now, a full year after starting this blog, I sit on my bed in Brooklyn and revel at the results of my audacious question:

I am miraculously a blogger for an online travel agency. I live in a powerfully electric city. I am, slowly but surely, building around me the comfortable vestiges of home.

So, kind reader, I will keep on writing here and elsewhere as I continue my journey of asking bold questions and finding surprising answers. I do hope you’ll be so kind as to join me.

Snoozing. Not much to see 'round these parts.

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I’ve also written two NaNoWriMo novels, which you can find here and here.


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